Tips on Teaching Piano Scales

Piano Scales – The Foundation of Mastery of the Instrument and Foundation of Musical Understanding

When starting piano lessons, teaching the scales is vital since it lays the foundation for a pianist’s understanding of music and the keyboard skills. Nonetheless, no one can blame you if you are not clear on where to start when teaching scales because there are numerous different approaches to teaching and introducing them.Piano Scales Tips for Teachers

Mainly, training the scale varies drastically, and it is especially a matter of coaching preferences and individual style. Hence, as a teacher you will probably embrace an approach to scale study that works for you. To this regard, there are several methods to teaching scales; here are some tips if you don’t know where to start: Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Piano Recital

Tips For Practicing The Piano

From novices to highly accomplished piano players, recitals often represent an exciting – yet stressful – part of taking music lessons. While practicing a piece may seem simple and enjoyable at home or in the relative privacy of Bay Area piano stores, the prospect of doing so in front of friends, family, and strangers can strike fear into the hearts of the most dedicated musicians. Continue reading