The Life Span of a Piano: How Long Will Your Piano Last?

Longevity of Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha piano

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Whether you’ve purchased a shiny new digital piano with amazing bells and whistles to compose an experimental electronic symphony, or you’re still in the early stages of exploring Yamaha Piano Stores and Weber Piano Stores to stock up your conservatory, you’d like insight into piano longevity. How long should your instrument last? What can you to do to counteract the aging process — or at least to extract the maximum utility from the instrument over time?

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4 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Piano

Taking Care of Your New Yamaha Piano

Whether you’re shopping for a new piano for a budding prodigy; or you’re looking for a piano store in the Bay Area to purchase equipment for a school or community center, you want to protect your investment. Here’s a guide on how to clean and care for your piano, and even enjoy the maintenance process. Continue reading

Tune Your Piano Regularly to Save Money

Tuning your piano can be disruptive and potentially costly. And there’s always the possibility that the tuner might unearth serious problems that will require lots of money and time to fix. It may seem easier to languish in ignorance, cross your fingers, and hope the instrument will somehow “tune itself.” But burying your head in the proverbial sand can cost you money over the long term – particularly if you need a high quality piano to record, practice or compose. Continue reading