Public East Bay Pianos Bring Music to the Streets

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A Fantastic East Bay Piano Project in Danville

If you’ve spent any time in the East Bay town of Danville, you might have noticed three public “community pianos” set up downtown. With their bright colors and placement in strategic locations, it’s easy to think that they are part of some elaborate art project, but the pianos in the East Bay area are there for anyone who likes to play and who wants to make Danville a more musical place. Continue reading

How to Find a Piano Dealer You Can Trust

Follow Our Advice

Yamaha Piano YC150A piano is huge investment, even if you and your family are absolutely committed to filling your home and your lives with music. How can you obtain the best quality instrument for your money? Before you contact a Bay Area piano dealer, review these factors to evaluate the prospective store’s trustworthiness.

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New or Used Piano: Which Should I Buy?

The Best Advice For Purchasing The Right Piano 

Young Boy Playing a Weber Piano

Before you start looking for Bay Area piano dealers, price shopping and comparing models, take a minute to consider your big picture options. A piano is a significant investment; chose the right type of instrument before you commit. One of the most important decisions you will make when purchasing a piano is whether to buy new or used. Below are some considerations to help you make the best choice. Continue reading

Classical Music: Can It Help You Study More Effectively?

Our authorized Yamaha piano dealers love to introduce people to the sounds of classical music. But many studies suggest that music can be more than just a fun, engaging experience – listening to Bach and other similar classical selections can actually improve your memory and help you study and retain more information. Continue reading

How to Care for Your Yamaha Grand Piano

As authorized Yamaha Piano dealers who have been serving the Bay Area for over four decades, we at Pianos Plus strive to make sure that our customers take exquisite care of their instruments. Whether you’re buying a new “starter piano” for an eager 5-year-old or purchasing an instrument to record or compose, you must service it to maintain its tone, integrity and beauty. Continue reading

The Counterintuitive But Beautiful Process of Creating Music

Creating Music on Your Bay Area Yamaha Piano

When parents first shop for Bay Area piano lessons for their young kids, they often labor under the illusion that musical creativity is a “gift” that a child (or a person) either has or lacks. Genetic predisposition to musicality might be important, in theory. But all great creative geniuses in music (and beyond) will echo Albert Einstein’s observation that genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. You need to work, diligently, in a constructive fashion, to become a creative genius. Continue reading

The Enormous Role of the Pianist’s Mind

The Mind Game in Piano Lessons

Whether you just signed up for Bay Area piano lessons, and you’re eager to get started playing Chopsticks or Greensleeves; or you’re a professional musician searching for a high-end digital Yamaha piano to create a new type of orchestral work, you must spend some time focusing your “mental game.” Continue reading