10 Reasons You Should Learn to Play the Piano

The Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

Piano lessonsYamaha piano lessons can be a fun part of a sophisticated upbringing. However, playing the piano does more than impress visitors. Here are somewhat surprising reasons to learn to play piano:

  • Learning music improves the auditory cortex. Aging musicians don’t experience as many hearing problems as their peers do.
  • Learning to play an instrument correlates with high academic achievement in math, science, and language arts.
  • Children who take music lessons have stronger vocabularies than those who do not.
  • Piano lessons increase discipline, focus, dedication, patience, and coordination.
  • Musical training improves brain function. Memory, attention span, language skills, and emotional expression are all stronger in people with early musical training.
  • Pitches are set. With Yamaha pianos, you won’t spend time training to make the right sounds come out of the instrument, as is the case with wind instruments.
  • Pianos can be played at any age, from 3 to over 100 years old.
  • Pianos are everywhere. Many homes, shopping centers, schools, and of course piano stores have pianos that anyone can sit down and play.
  • Making music can decrease stress at a molecular level.
  • Pianos can be solitary or collaborative instruments.

Start Taking Music Lessons In The Bay Area!

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