Why Piano Theory Is Important for All Musicians

Why Playing a Yamaha Piano Improves Musicianship 

Bay Area Piano LessonsUnderstanding music theory, especially piano theory, is important for any musician. For instance, a firm grasp on theory can help improve composition or improvisation skills. No matter what you choose for your main instrument – oboe, drums, viola, etc. – you can accumulate significant benefits from learning the fundamentals of applied piano music theory. Here are a few reasons why non-piano players should gain familiarity with this body of knowledge:

  • Pianos offer a wider range of notes and chords than most other instruments.
  • The linear layout of the piano keyboard provides a straightforward visual representation of music theory concepts, like chord progressions and the relationships between notes and key signatures.
  • An investment in learning theory should help you master additional musical instruments more easily and compose musically complex and coherent pieces.
  • Some evidence suggests that learning the piano can yield general intellectual and emotional benefits. For instance, practicing the piano and learning basic theory might be able to help you learn math concepts, release stress and improve other cognitive skills.

The right piano lessons – on a proper instrument, overseen by an effective instructor – can make a world of difference for your musical education. But purchasing a piano can be expensive, and it can seem like a distraction from your other musical goals. Approach your musical education strategically; create a structured program, and don’t try to tackle all of your goals at once.

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