What Can You Do Beyond Piano Lessons to Become a Better Pianist

Piano Lessons, Persistence, and Education are Key to Mastering the Piano

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Learning to play the piano can be a challenge, even if you’re passionate about the instrument, “naturally talented” and supported by great teachers. Reaching your potential can also be elusive — even the most skilled piano students can always find room for improvement. To improve the effectiveness of your piano lessons, follow these simple tips:

  • Develop a schedule. Create a schedule for taking lessons and/or practicing your skills at home.
  • Track your progress. As you continue to participate in lessons or practice your skills, track your progress so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your schedule. What pieces do you need to master? Why? Focus not just on your end goals but also on the underlying purpose for your devotion.
  • Study music theory. Instead of simply learning the chords and practicing songs, consider studying music theory in depth to develop a better understanding of how music works. This holistic perspective will make you a better composer and improviser as well as give you tools to bring written pieces to life.
  • Invest in a quality instrument. If you don’t have a quality piano of your own, you may benefit from purchasing or renting one. Look for piano sales at local music stores to get the best deal.

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Whether you’re a near-professional conservatory student or an adult learning to play on your own, remember that improvement takes time, and you won’t see results overnight. Reputable dealers, such as authorized Yamaha piano stores like Pianos Plus, can provide you with even more useful tips and referrals that you can use to hone your skills. Call Pianos Plus at (510) 581-1660 or contact us from our website.