Personal Piano Teacher Vs. Learning Online

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Should you get a piano teacher or choose online lessons?

One of the many aspects of the internet is that it allows ordinary people to learn music without the help or support of a professional instructor. This is particularly true with regards to piano training. In fact, a short search on YouTube will reveal numerous videos that offer free piano lessons. Should one choose online lessons or obtain a professional for Bay Area piano lessons?

Additionally, there are also plenty of piano courses that serve the same function as traditional piano lessons with private tutors.

However, despite the popularity of these online training videos, some people still find the tutoring of a real instructor more useful than any lesson on the internet. Here, we will discuss the difference between hiring a personal teacher vs. learning online, so that you will be able to decide for yourself which method best serves your needs.


You can find plenty of free piano lessons online. We’ve already mentioned YouTube videos, but there are also plenty of musical sites that offer free or low cost piano lessons. These courses will not only teach you the basics of playing the piano, they can also teach you piano theory and how to play your favorite song.

In contrast, the most affordable rate for piano teachers is around $15 to $35. So as far as costs are concerned, the internet is definitely cheaper.


It takes time to learn the piano, but how much time is required depends on the student and his or her aptitude for the instrument. So it’s more or less a tie.


When it comes to equipment, it’s usually better to hire a professional trainer than to watch a training video online, and this is because most trainers can usually help you tune your piano or adapt it according to your needs.

Also, if you’re new to playing the piano and you’re not sure about taking it up as a hobby then you should rent a piano rather than buy one. Not only is it cheaper to do so, it can also prevent a lot of regret later on should you decide that playing the piano is not right for you. Bay Area piano rentals are available and a great option. 


As far as professionalism goes, piano instructors are much better than YouTube videos. For all its useful information, a YouTube video is still just a video. They can’t answer your questions directly. They can’t correct your mistakes. And perhaps most important of all, they can’t help give you that one on one experience that only professional instructors can offer.


Finally, there is the issue of variety, and in this regard, the internet is a better instructor than the actual instructors themselves. You can find videos and courses on different ways to play the piano online.

However, these videos and courses cannot teach some tricks and techniques that come from personal experiences. Those come from instructors.


All in all, a case can be made that online training courses can be used to compliment real world instruction. You can use videos to compliment your own real world training and vice versa. They don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s still your call, and you should choose the method or methods which are most suitable for your training needs.

Where Can You Buy or Rent A Nice Piano?

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