Learning to Play an Instrument Can Help Your Singing

Whether you aspire to be the next guest star on Glee, the next winner of American Idol, or simply the lead in your high school musical, you want trusted techniques and general wisdom to boost your singing ability. Obviously, many things can (and should) be tried, including:

  • Working with a voice teacher;
  • Improving your general musicianship;
  • Reading or studying about how singers can improve;
  • Practicing (correctly!);
  • Just getting out there and doing it – whether that means singing in the shower or hopping on stage at your local community theater.

Can learning to play an instrument help your singing skills?

The short answer is that it certainly can, in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

1. Learning to play the piano (or other instrument) will improve your musical knowledge and understanding of music theory.

Professional singers often refer to their voices as “instruments.” There are specific skills and knowledge you need to sing well. You can acquire this general knowledge about musicianship by playing an instrument – knowledge of scales and rhythmic notation, for instance.

2. Playing an instrument will build your passion for music.

Aside from the knowledge and skills that you’ll acquire from learning (and, ideally, mastering) an instrument, you’ll also be able to appreciate music on a deeper, subtler slevel. This can act as a motivator to help you improve your singing skills and connect you with other people who similarly love music.

3. Learning an instrument can help you profoundly if you want to record, practice, play in bands, etc.

Would Tori Amos have been “Tori Amos” had she not learned to play the piano? How about Billy Joel? How far would he have gone? It’s not that you can’t be a great singer if you never master an instrument (other than your voice, that is). But learning an instrument gives you a huge advantage.

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