The Amazing Impact of Music on a Child’s Academic Performance

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We all know music can fill the heart with anything from passion to sorrow, however it’s also now being proven to improve the academic performance in children.

Making time for a music lesson once a week and daily practice of at least ten minutes is proving to enhance performance in academics greatly.

Concentrating on both playing as well as hearing helps your child develop neurophysical distinction. Although they may not (yet) be the next Mozart or Beethoven, once they get comfortable in their training, evidence indicates academic, social, moral, ethical values, the improvement are very likely to improve.

Upon enrolling your child in Bay Area music lessons, here are some benefits that research is showing:

Music and Math

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the connection between music and math is a deep one. Learning notes, scales and rhythm help children greatly with their mathematical abilities. According to Lynn Kleiner, the founder of Music Rhapsody, music helps children connect with math problems more easily. Additionally, children who learn to play musical instruments are proving to be more attentive, which is healthy in every part of a child’s life.

Improved Memory

Research dictates learning notes and scales develops both long and short term memory in children. As they memorize songs and play them later, their memory skills are thus exercised and improved. The improved memory helps them do better in in scholastic as well as non-scholastic endeavors.

Active Participation

When your children begin improving, the chances are that their confidence level will always be high and they won’t shy away from participating in activities. From recitals to simply practicing in front of others, it’s been shown that playing a musical instrument will help your child’s willingness to participate in activities at school. Also, much success in life can be traced back to our willingness to fearlessly give our best effort.

Intellectual Development

Quite surprisingly, learning a musical instrument like piano or violin has shown increases the IQ of children as compared those who don’t. Playing and reading music causes unique brain activity, which can be essential to greater cognitive function and skills development. This contributes to an increase in the IQ of children.

Linguistic Skills

One of the surprising facts about playing musical instruments is that it makes learning new languages much easier. When children learn to play music, their brains get used to seeing and interpreting symbols almost in nearly the same manner as a language. As a result, they will be much more comfortable with the process of undergoing the study of foreign language.

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