How to choose the best instrument for your child to play.

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Here’s What You Need to Consider When Helping Your Child Choose an Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument has a lot of benefits for children, but how do you go about choosing the right instrument for your child? Every child is different, so you cannot just assume that your own child will take to the piano as quickly as you did when you were younger. So before you sign your child up for Bay Area piano lessons, consider that they might be better suited for the violin, or the trumpet, or any number of musical instruments that are out there. Choosing the right instrument is a different process for every child, but there are some things to consider that might make the decision a little easier.

Age Matters

The first thing to consider when choosing an instrument for your child is their age. While a child can learn how to play some instruments at the age of five or six, other instruments will be too difficult for them at this age. The violin is a good instrument for a small child since it can be manufactured in small sizes to make it easy to handle, and it’s easy for a child to focus on their sound and musical phrasing without having to worry about frets and keys.

The piano is also a great instrument for a young beginner to play since it doesn’t require the player to control the pitch or tuning of the instrument. The piano’s keyboard also provides a great visual representation that can help children and adults alike better understand music theory. So, perhaps setting up Bay Area piano lessons could help you decide if this is the right instrument for your child. 

Once a child is around eight or ten years old, they can learn how to play brass and woodwind instruments such as the clarinet, the trumpet, or the trombone. The physical demands of playing these instruments make them too difficult for a very young child to play, but they are enough for most older preteen children to handle.

Take Personal Preference Into Account

Another very important thing to consider is the sound that an instrument produces. You might like the idea of your child playing a certain instrument, but that won’t mean a whole lot if your child hates the sound it produces. You should always take your child’s preferences into account. If you can, bring your child to a music store or some other setting where they can try different instruments and see which one they like the best. They might change their mind after playing for a while, or they might find that they don’t want to play an instrument at all, but the important thing is that the choice of what to play falls on your child.

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As we said before, the piano is a great instrument for a young child who wants to learn the fundamentals of music and music theory. If it turns out that the piano is you and your child’s instrument of choice, come to Pianos Plus for information about Bay Area piano rentals and lessons.