How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano?

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Wanting to Learn Piano?

Practice makes perfect, we’re always told, especially when we start something new.

This is especially true with most musical instruments, when newcomers are pretty much the opposite of perfect. Some instruments, however, take a long time to learn adequately and an even longer time to get to the perfect stage. Supposedly bagpipes are in this category, since some people take years to master the perfect tones rather than creating painful noises.

A piano, luckily, is considered easier than some instruments to learn. Sure, some advanced pianists may spend a long time refining their techniques and speed and expanding their repertoire, but it takes significantly less amount of time to learn the basic scales and chords so you can at least entertain or accompany your friends and family.

Sure you might have to spend a few months working on the scales and temp on one of the Yamaha pianos that you may have or have caught your eye, but once you know the basic structure you can do amazing things.

The exact answer of “no, really, how long?” also varies. Some people prefer spending time learn all the notes and tempo, while others like to learn the melodies of certain tunes – essentially not wanting to sight-read but memorizing the proper notes. Neither technique is right or wrong but may have different times.

The second method may be considered a quicker approach to master certain specific songs and can be accomplished in a few weeks with regular practice. However, it may not be as effective for overall mastery of the instrument. It may take longer to learn sight reading and the foundations but could pay off in the longer term as you can be familiar with any piece of music placed in front of you.

Of course, as people at a Bay Area Weber store can tell you, there’s a third level of skill: not just to read the notes or memorize the patterns for certain songs but be able to improvise from existing pieces or create your own music. With 88 notes people can get pretty creative and inspired.

Most experts agree that whatever school of thought you’re interested in, practice is the most important factor. If you just mess around and pick out tunes occasionally, it may take you six months or longer.

If you focus on doing something every night, even 10 minutes at a time or look into quality Bay Area used pianos for sale, your skills will develop significantly faster. If you increase the time to an hour a night or lessons from a qualified teacher, you can accelerate the process.

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