Elements of Good Piano Technique

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3 Elements of Good Piano Technique

If someone asked you to name the three most important elements of good piano-playing technique, probably the first thing you would think of is something involving the use of your fingers. However, there are three very crucial elements of good piano-playing which really don’t have anything to do with your fingers at all, and these are outlined in the discussion below. When you’ve mastered these three elements, the more technical components of playing the piano might seem a little more natural and easy to address.


Paying close attention to what you’re hearing as you play provides you with important feedback, so as to quickly tell you what’s right or wrong about your technique. Active listening is extremely important for determining how well you’re playing, so make a point of listening as you play. You’ll quickly get into the habit of identifying good technique and it’s less desirable cousin.


Your approach to piano playing is governed by your physical and mental engagement, and both of these are heavily influenced by proper breathing. Many piano players have a tendency to hold their breath while playing, rather than to allow breathing to occur normally. This abandonment of normal breathing often results in improper technique, so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of being somewhat mindful of the way you’re breathing while playing. It might even be to your advantage to engage in some breathing exercises apart from piano-playing, so that you can couple the two together, maintaining consistent and even breathing throughout a playing session.


To a large degree, the kind of music you create while playing is dependent on the way you move while playing. You may even have seen some of the great piano masters becoming quite physically active during a piece which itself is very active. Because music is an expression of movement, when you are making music you should likewise be in motion, even during those times where you are holding a note. It’s no exaggeration to say that when your arms stop moving, so does the music.

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