Tips on Choosing an Instrument to Play

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Are You Considering Bay Area Piano Lessons?

If you are a parent and have been searching online for Bay Area piano lessons, chances are good that your child has expressed interest in playing a musical instrument. However, you might still be uncertain as to which one will be the best choice for your young one. In order to support your child’s music education and select the right instrument, you should consider a few details.

Age and Size

First, it’s important to assess your child’s age and size. If your dear one is very young and small, then buying him/her an upright bass is not a realistic option. Heavier instruments that must be moved frequently are more suitable for older children and adolescents. Even then, you should be sure that your child has the physical capacity to move larger instruments without assistance. Younger, smaller kiddos are better suited to small or stationary instruments, such as a flute or a Yamaha piano.

Sound/Volume Limitations

Another important consideration is the practice space that your child has available. If you live in an apartment building or a condo, a drum set or an electric guitar may cause problems for your neighbors and consequently, for your household. Look for options that don’t require an amplifier. Also, some choices are quieter than others, such as an acoustic guitar or a keyboard with headphones.

Attention Span

If your child has issues with focusing for very long in one sitting, getting a complicated instrument may not be advisable. Instead of selecting one that requires many hours of practice to learn, such as a violin or a classical guitar, try one that is a bit easier. A few instruments that are generally less demanding include the harmonica, the bongos, and the piano.

Vocal Aspirations

In addition to playing an instrument, does your child want to learn how to sing? If this is the case, then a guitar or ukulele may serve your young one well. Both instruments enable an individual to accompany herself/himself while singing.

Finding an Instructor

Before you purchase an instrument for your kid, be sure that there is a qualified instructor within a reasonable distance of your home. If your child has expressed interest in learning to sing as well as play an instrument, try to find a studio that offers both vocal lessons and musical instrument instruction.

Playing an Instrument Enhances Our Lives

By helping your little one or teenager find an instrument that suits his/her circumstances, you can support your child’s music education. In fact, you could enable your dear one to develop a lifelong love of playing music.  

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