How Playing Piano Will Help You Succeed in Other Areas

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Playing Piano Develops Skills that Will Help in Other Areas of Life

You may not realize the multiple benefits of playing the piano when you visit Bay Area digital piano stores to buy or rent a piano. The reason most people bring a piano into their home is that they enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill and bringing pleasure to others through music. Fewer people are aware of the numerous other benefits of piano playing, some of which we explore below.

Piano Playing Requires Intense Focus and Concentration

Although highly enjoyable, playing the piano also demands your full attention. You must focus on note duration, pitch, rhythm, and tempo to name just four tasks. It would be impossible to play the piano at all without this all-consuming focus and higher level of concentration. According to several recent studies on the benefits of piano playing, this skill uses nearly all areas of the brain and can help you ward off cognitive decline as you age. It also helps to improve memory, which can also become a casualty of growing older.

Improved Listening Skills

When playing pianos East Bay, you need discernment to know when a note is off or your piano needs tuning. This skill tends to come naturally over time and can be a great benefit in other areas of your life. The ability to listen intently makes you more empathetic to others along with the ability to pick up on non-verbal cues. Facial expression, tone of voice, and body language are just three common examples.

Better Discipline in All Areas of Life

When people first start with Bay Area piano rentals, they sometimes have the mistaken notion that learning to play the piano is easy. That belief quickly disappears as they realize the strong commitment and discipline needed to learn such a complex skill. Those that stick with it often report that learning to play the piano has helped them hang in there to reach their goals when times get tough. Resilience is an excellent skill to carry through life. 

Time Management Becomes Easier

Life is busy and fitting in time to practice the piano every day can seem unrealistic. However, those who persevere and find even 20 minutes a day to fit piano practice into their schedule find that it’s easier to manage their time with everyday appointments and activities.

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