Preparing for a Piano Performance

Bay Area Piano Store Discusses What to Know Before Stepping On Stage


You’ve come a long way since your first Weber pianos shopping trip. You’ve worked hard to build your skills, and you’re finally ready to give your first concert. As the performance date nears, keep these tips in mind to calm your nerves and ensure that the musicality will flow through you.

1. Pianos differ. Practice on the piano you will use during the concert.
All reputable piano dealers will tell you that not every piano is the same. If possible, practice on the piano you will be using during your performance several times before the big night. Likewise, aim to practice in the space where the performance will be. The more comfortably you inhabit the space, the easier it will be to let go and actually enjoy the experience.

2. Choose the right outfit.
Depending on the venue and the structure of the recital, dress codes vary. Talk to the instructor or event coordinator to find out what type of clothing will be appropriate for the concert. Choose an outfit that won’t make you too hot or cold during the performance. While you don’t need to pull a full Liberace, also don’t shy away from expressing your personality and passion within those parameters.

3. Release your anxiety.
Anxiety before a performance is normal and expected. Take some time to meditate and breathe deeply before you step on stage. Spend 15 or so minutes watching your breath flow in and out of your body, focusing on the present moment as much as possible and letting go of extraneous thoughts. Remind yourself that you have put in the effort during piano lessons, that you are a competent player and that you are ready for this day.

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