Classical Music: Can It Help You Study More Effectively?

Our authorized Yamaha piano dealers love to introduce people to the sounds of classical music. But many studies suggest that music can be more than just a fun, engaging experience – listening to Bach and other similar classical selections can actually improve your memory and help you study and retain more information.

Classical music

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But before you crack open your textbook and start blasting tunes in your iPod, understand that this so-called “Mozart effect” is not so easy to cultivate. The wrong kinds of music can actually distract you and lead to poorer performance. For instance, both heavy metal and rap music (at least per some studies) can negatively affect concentration. Music with lyrics can also distract, for obvious reasons.

Instead, try baroque and classical pieces – e.g. much of Mozart’s work as well as many concertos and sonatas from the 1700s and 1800s. These may positively affect memory recall, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, enhance your brain’s ability to process working memory and also help you transfer data from short-term memory to longer term storage.

Researchers believe that 60 beats per minute is perhaps the ideal tempo because this tempo activates the brain’s right hemisphere, while the process of studying lights up the left side of the brain. Some theorists believe that the simultaneous activation of both sides the brain has a positive effect, although the mechanisms by which music increases memory processing and storage are only glancingly understood at this point.

Research suggests that medium or slow tempo music is best. The music should be quiet and not particularly new to your ear, otherwise you may get carried away listening to the music instead of paying attention to what you’re studying.

For ideal results, try out different types of music in different study situations. Pay attention both to how well you concentrate and how well you do on exams.

Learning to play instruments can also confer really powerful, long-term brain enhancement effects. Whether you’re searching for Bay Area piano lessons or looking for a gorgeous new Yamaha piano, trust the team here at Pianos Plus.

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