Bay Area Piano Lessons Help Kids Grow & Succeed

learning the piano in the bay area

Bay Area Piano Store Shares Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

People of all ages can benefit from piano lessons at a local Bay Area piano store. In fact, many parents and teachers have found that teaching a child how to play the piano is just as valuable as enrolling them in a sport or some other after-school activity. Here are just some of the ways that piano lessons can help a child – or an adult – grow and become successful.

  1. Improved Math Skills
    This won’t come as a surprise to anyone with any knowledge of music, but playing the piano can absolutely improve one’s math skills. Between keeping a steady rhythm as you play with your left hand and having to count the beats in each measure, your basic math skills will get a workout as you learn how to play.
  2. Improved Reading Comprehension
    A 1993 study found that the ability to discriminate between different pitches is linked to improved reading comprehension in children. Knowing the difference between different notes is an important part of being able to play a musical instrument and a skill that children will pick up during their piano lessons. Learning how to memorize a piece of music before a performance also exercises your reading skills and uses the part of your brain responsible for recall.
  3. Improved Memory
    Speaking of using the part of your brain responsible for recall, learning how to play the piano can help prevent memory loss in some people. This is admittedly more of a benefit of someone who is older, but it is a benefit nevertheless. It is also proof that you are never too old to learn how to play a musical instrument.
  4. Encouraged Creativity
    Learning how to play any musical instrument encourages you to be more creative, and learning how to play the piano is no exception. Even if you only learn how to read sheet music and technically never learn to improvise, playing the piano still calls for you to be creative. You need to learn how to interpret pieces as you play them, and your brain is constantly working to create new sounds practically out of nothing.
  5. Encouraged Self-Esteem
    Playing music is really an act of self-expression. Even if you’re just learning how to play the piano and all you can do is play scales, you are finding a way to express yourself, and that will always improve your self-esteem. Granted, some students will become frustrated if they have trouble learning a difficult piece or technique, but they will start to feel better about themselves as they improve during their lessons.

Bay Area Piano Lessons at Piano Store Near You

These are just a few reasons why you should consider Bay Area piano lessons for yourself or your children. If you are in need of a Bay Area Yamaha piano rental, lessons or you’re looking for yamaha piano dealers in the Bay Area we will be happy to assist you. Contact us today for more information or call us at 510-581-1660.