Learning to Play the Piano? 10 Easy Songs to Learn for Beginner Piano Lessons

songs to learn on piano lessons bay area

Bay Area Piano Lessons – Songs to Start Off Learning

If you or someone you know is taking Bay Area piano lessons and is in the beginning phase of their education about the piano, there are quite a few excellent songs you can practice. These will be enjoyable to play, and provide great learning opportunities as well. If you aren’t quite ready to buy a piano, you can find what you need in some of the Bay Area piano rentals shops, where there will be some fine pianos in the East Bay to check out. Here are some of the favorite beginner songs you can practice your piano-playing on.

Fur Elise

This might sound like a complicated piece to learn, but it is typically picked up fairly quickly by beginners. It has a beautiful melody which is haunting in its overall effect, and simplified bass root notes are sufficient for the left hand. Once you’ve learned this, you can brag to everyone that you can play a song composed by the great Ludwig von Beethoven!

Let it Be

This song is well known for its introduction, in which the left hand plays single notes while the right hand goes through a series of chords. The song was written by Paul McCartney, and was made into a smash hit by the most renowned rock band in history, The Beatles.

All About the Bass

This song was made into a hit just a few years ago by Meghan Trainor, and is a very easy piece to learn. It consists of the same musical pattern, repeated over and over throughout the song. The chord series is A, B-min, E, and A, each of which is played for two bars, with the whole progression of the song consisting of eight bars.

To a Wild Rose

Edward MacDowell originated this piece, which is easy for even beginners to follow. The fingering is simple, and you can play it with a single hand until you feel comfortable with using both hands.

Flight of the Bumblebee

A very well known song by Rimsky-Korsakov, this sounds a little intimidating because of the speed with which it is played. However, by practicing the song at a slower speed, you can gradually build up to its actual tempo.

Piano Man

A song made popular by the legendary Billy Joel, this is a fairly simple song to learn, and it is a great tribute to the individuals who are striving to perfect their craft on the keyboards.

Chariots of Fire Theme

Coming from a movie about two 1924 Olympic athletes, this song stayed on the Billboard charts for months, and became instantly recognizable. It’s easy to play, and it has an evocative melody which is unmistakable.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

One of those songs that everyone knows, but no one can name, this song was composed by the great Russian master, Tchaikovsky. It’s not difficult to play, and it provides a great opportunity for you to practice your staccatos.

Minuet in G

Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, this song is actually very easy to learn, even if it sounds complex. A classical song for all ages, there are any number of different arrangements which can be discovered on the Internet.

Claire du Lune

A very easy piece to learn and to play, this composition by Claude Debussy is more complicated in its original form, but is far simpler in many of the Internet arrangements now available. It is a straightforward classical piano piece which you’ll have lots of fun learning and practicing.

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