5 Ways Playing the Piano Benefits Your Brain

It May Be Time To Consider Piano Lessons For A Brain Boost

Young Boy Taking Piano Lessons

Playing the piano is relaxing and fun, but it can also benefit your brain. Here are five ways piano lessons improve cognitive abilities.

  1. Bigger vocabulary. Whether you take lessons at our Bay Area piano store or from a private teacher at home, studying piano improves your vocabulary and verbal sequencing abilities.
  1. Better hearing. As you study piano, you will train your brain to recognize and interpret pitches and tones more accurately.
  1. Improved hand-eye coordination. Playing the piano requires you to read music with your eyes and play the corresponding notes with your hands. Over time, better hand-eye coordination is inevitable.
  1. More neural connections. Northwestern University reports that piano playing increases the number of neural connections in the brain, leading to improved cognitive abilities.
  1. Improved academic abilities. Research studies have shown that children who take piano lessons have better general and spatial reasoning capabilities than their peers. Piano players also perform better in mathematics.

With regular piano lessons, all of these benefits can be yours. If you aren’t ready to buy your own piano, opt for piano rentals while exploring your interest in music education.

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