4 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Piano

Taking Care of Your New Yamaha Piano

Whether you’re shopping for a new piano for a budding prodigy; or you’re looking for a piano store in the Bay Area to purchase equipment for a school or community center, you want to protect your investment. Here’s a guide on how to clean and care for your piano, and even enjoy the maintenance process.

1. Understand your piano care and needs.

Pianos are delicate, complex instruments. Different pianos have different needs. Some are incredibly heat and humidity sensitive. You must shield these instruments from excessive dryness, excessive humidity, excessive cold, and excessive heat… or risk serious damage. Others are more hardy.Identify the “sweet spot” for your piano, based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Pianists in the Bay Area must be super sensitive to humidity concerns, since moisture can vary a lot, particularly along the coast or in old buildings with outdated plumbing and air ducting.

2. Remember that your piano is not a piece of furniture – it is an instrument.

Avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight, which can discolor it and even affect how the piano sounds and plays. Likewise, don’t leave objects on the piano – particularly food or water. A single spill can lead to thousands of dollars of repair costs. Also, do not spill or apply alcohol, cosmetics, aerosols, paint thinner, or other similar products to the piano.

3. Teach your kids (and pets) proper respect for the instrument.

Your young pianists should learn how to respect and care for the piano. This doesn’t mean your young daughter can’t have some fun banging on the keys and leading impromptu dance parties in the piano room. But she should respect the rules discussed above as well as your own house rules regarding playing time, noise level, etcetera.

4. Get your piano tuned regularly, as recommended by your manufacturer.

Regular piano tuning can extend the life of your instrument and prevent wear and tear that can be expensive to fix.

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