How Often Should I Get My Piano Tuned?

Piano Tuning: How often should i do it? 4 Things to Consider

Whether you’re a budding Bay Area concert pianist, who spends three to four hours a day practicing your craft; or you’re a studio musician or casual instrumentalist, you need a system to keep your instrument tuned and ready for action.

When to tune your piano tips

Here are four parameters to help you determine the best process to keep your piano ship shape.

1. When in doubt, tune biannually.

Humidity and temperature changes can alter the piano’s tuning. So you want to tune up once in the cold/rainy winter months. And then you want to tune the piano in the spring.

2. Tuning needs depend on how old your piano is.

You might think that the older a piano gets, the more often it needs to be tuned. That’s generally the rule. But brand new pianos often in need much MORE tuning, especially during the first year, much like a newborn baby requires an intense amount of attention.

3. The piano’s constituent materials can also influence your tuning needs.

If your home, building, or region of the Bay Area gets subjected to serious temperature/humidity swings, you will need to tune more often. These changes can cause the material of your piano to swell, shrink, warp, etc. Certain types of wood are more sensitive than others. Tune more frequently if your piano is subjected to direct sunlight, air vents, and other sources of humidity.

4. Be consistent in your tuning.

If you’re not a concert musician, you could easily let years elapse between tunings without realizing it. This can be a mistake. Just like years of eating sugary junk food cannot be reversed with a simple crash diet or crazy jaunt on the stairmill (no matter what Jillian Michaels might tell you); so, too, can it be difficult to undo the damage done by long-term poor piano maintenance.

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