When and What to Look for in a Grand Piano?

Whether you are the proud parent of an eight-year-old future (or even current) piano prodigy; or you are a professional musician setting up a recording studio, you may be gearing up to make your first major purchase of a grand piano. When is it time to “pull the trigger” and actually purchase an instrument, and what should you look for in the piano.

First, let’s address the “when” question.

The answer is always a matter of choice. Literally hundreds of factors can influence your buying decision, including: your budget, your musical needs, whether you can use another piano temporarily to practice (e.g. at a school or at a piano teacher’s house), the seriousness with which you want to pursue piano studies, the amount of space available for the piano, your need for a “grand” piano versus a smaller instrument, such as a studio piano or other vertical, and so forth.

Bringing all of those factors in mind, if you still decide that a grand is the right way to go, here are some
rules of thumb to consider when shopping for your ideal instrument:

  • The bigger the piano (in general), the more rich and nuanced the tone will be;
  • Well-maintained pianos can have a lot of staying power. A used grand from the 1960s that has been properly maintained and tuned can be considered awesome and state-of-the-art. It’s not like you’re buying a couch or a car – items that do significantly depreciate over time and fall “out of style.” A great grand is a great grand, even if it’s older than you are;
  • Get an instrument that you can “grow into” – your proficiency (or your students’ proficiency) will undoubtedly improve over the years;
  • The instrument should look right in your home or studio. If you purchase an Elton John like bright red modern piano, and your home has a stately, classical aesthetic, the furniture will clash. So bear in mind that the instrument will exist as part of your overall interior décor.

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