What to Consider Before Buying a Piano

Piano Buying Tips

Weber Piano StoresWhether you’re looking to purchase a small Yamaha piano to practice your composition skills and record some “singer-songwriter” tracks for a demo, or you’re investigating piano options for a budding musician in your household who’s eager to practice every day, consider conducting extensive research before buying your piano. You want to explore specs, talk to experts and consider all this information in the context of what you really want and need out of the experience. When shopping for a piano, consider these 5 key issues:

Size. Consider the size of the room that will house the piano as well as moving and shipping costs. Do you plan to stay in the same home or studio for several years, or is your living situation more transient? Bigger pianos are more expensive to move.

Budget. Set a reasonable budget. Good pianos can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000. Ornate and antique pianos, like Weber pianos, fall on the higher end of that scale. Used pianos can be more economical options.

Sound. Different brands and styles of pianos have distinct sounds, so plan to visit stores to test various brands. Listen carefully, and think about what type of sound quality and tone you prefer. Composers, teachers, and students all have distinct tonal needs.

Condition. When looking at a used piano, ask probing questions about its condition. For instance, find out whether the keys, strings, and hammers are all in good working order. Ask the dealer if he or she offers a warranty, which you can get for either new or used pianos.

People. Find great, trustworthy people to educate you about your buying options, so you can make an informed decision.

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