Tune Your Piano Regularly to Save Money

Tuning your piano can be disruptive and potentially costly. And there’s always the possibility that the tuner might unearth serious problems that will require lots of money and time to fix. It may seem easier to languish in ignorance, cross your fingers, and hope the instrument will somehow “tune itself.” But burying your head in the proverbial sand can cost you money over the long term – particularly if you need a high quality piano to record, practice or compose.

3 Tips on Piano Tuning:

1. Tune to find and prevent damage before bigger problems happen.

Fixing pathological string tension can be excruciatingly expensive. A piano’s internal components are not only sensitive, but they can also impact one another. If you find and fix a defective part early, you can prevent issues from propagating through the instrument.

2. Regular tunings create a more robust instrument.

Just like working out strengthens your muscles and helps protect your body, so too does tuning strengthen your piano and prevent damage. Getting four tunings annually is the equivalent of going to the gym twice a week.

3. Don’t wait too long in between tunings!

Repairing a seriously detuned piano is expensive. The tuner might need to perform procedures such as pitch raising, which carries risks, because it can permanently limit the vibration of strings and damage the timbre, as well as double tuning, which is expensive and challenging.

A badly tuned piano means worse practice sessions, flawed recordings, and poor compositions. A craftsman is only as good as his or her tools. If you play a subpar instrument, you may need to compensate after the fact (e.g. by borrowing someone else’s piano) or by spending money later to fix problems (e.g. get rid of tuning issues in post-production on a recording).

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