4 Key Things to Focus on When Learning Piano

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Focus on the Following 4 Elements when Learning Piano 

Are you learning to play the piano? Wether you own a piano or are taking lessons at Bay Area pianos stores, there are some distinct elements to focus on that will improve your playing significantly with practice.

Four things to focus on when learning piano are:

  1. Chords

Ask any of the Bay Area piano dealers and they will tell you: practice the chords. Every time that you practice, try a new chord to expand your musical repertoire. Scales are the most common practice protocol; enhance it with chord progressions for 15 minutes a day, if you are determined and motivated to learn piano.

  1. Scales

Speaking of scales- practice, practice, practice! Use a method book to practice until you can transition smoothly and rapidly. Work on your technique and the finger patterns until it becomes instinctual, almost second nature. This will also help build your finger dexterity over time so don’t give up.  Scale work should also comprise around 15 minutes of your practice session.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Don’t simply settle on practicing and repeating the scales, chords, and songs that you know; try something new and tough. Dissect it and work on a particularly tough or tricky part to further hone your piano skills. Keep on until you get it right and remember that repetition is the key to success here. Spend another 10-15 minutes on something that challenges you during each of your daily practice sessions.

  1. Overall Performance

Finally, spend the last half hour of your practice session working on overall performance aspects, like form, posture, and coordinating your two hands during playing. Analyze and critique your own performance- are their weak spots?  Be honest in order to get better!

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