Reasons To Rent A Piano

Bay Area Piano Rentals

Yamaha pianos Perhaps you’re looking for authorized Yamaha piano stores for a beautiful instrument for a budding young music prodigy in your family. Or maybe you’re searching for Bay Area digital piano rentals to obtain an instrument to gig-out with new band mates. Should you rent or buy?

On the one hand, buying can give you peace of mind, allow you to pass the instrument down to the next generation, and add an asset to your household ledger. There is something to be said for “pride of ownership.” But sometimes renting a piano just makes more sense. For instance:

You’re beginner who’s not yet ready to “fully commit” to learning or playing the piano.

Buying a piano can be quite an investment. Before you dive in and commit to mastering the instrument, you might want to familiarize yourself with what’s required to become great at it.

You’re on a budget.

Whether you’re a conservatory student, already saddled with student loans, or a single mom who lacks the savings to finance a big purchase, renting might make a great deal of sense. You can access a great instrument while limiting your upfront costs.

You’re in transition.

While it’s possible to move a massive upright piano from, say San Francisco to Austin, Texas, the cost involved in doing so can be quite steep. If you only picture yourself living in the Bay Area for a few months or few years, renting just might make more economic sense.

You want to explore different instruments before you commit.

Some pianists can choose their instruments almost instantly after a few minutes of tickling the ivories. Others require a much more languid and thorough courtship. If you’re more on the conservative side, rent before you buy to test out whether a piano meets your needs.

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