A Quick Guide To Purchasing Your First Piano

An Authorized Dealer’s Tips for Piano Shopping

Authorized Yamaha Piano StoreWhether you’re searching for an instrument to gift to your granddaughter or investing in a piano to compose or record music, you probably have a dizzying number of questions on your mind about how to get the most from your piano purchase. First, familiarize yourself with some of the features you want, and then talk through the different types of piano constructions and options with a professional. Here are some crucial guidelines and tips to get you started on your journey:

Understand your buying options. A new piano often comes with benefits like a warranty, aesthetic choices, and moving services. You can also sometimes trade in an older piano to offset the costs of buying a higher quality new model. Many dealers will provide you with a trade up policy that honors the full price of your first piano.

Go into a store and try out different piano models. A Weber piano provides beautiful acoustic properties, for instance. The Weber brand is all about tonal quality and innovative design. A traditional pianist might love the classic appearance and construction of these instruments. Weber pianos are available in upright, console, and grand designs.

A digital piano, meanwhile, may be more appropriate for recording artists, composers and certain teachers. Enjoy traditional sound quality with exceptional digital performance. Pianists who prefer the versatility of digital pianos, classic/contemporary design aesthetics and advanced technological features might opt for this approach.

Plan for the long term. Pianos can be lifetime investments. They often become beloved heirlooms that a family can use and enjoy for generations. Purchasing an instrument can thus be a profound decision.

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