How to Prepare for a Piano Recital

Tips For Practicing The Piano

From novices to highly accomplished piano players, recitals often represent an exciting – yet stressful – part of taking music lessons. While practicing a piece may seem simple and enjoyable at home or in the relative privacy of Bay Area piano stores, the prospect of doing so in front of friends, family, and strangers can strike fear into the hearts of the most dedicated musicians.
Fortunately, many effective methods exist for calming nerves in preparing for piano recitals. Tips for easing jitters and performing at one’s best include:

Bay Area Piano lessons1. Practice. Running through scales and performance pieces for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day helps pianists gain confidence and skill. See our previous blog post for more information on the importance of scales.

2. “Dress rehearsals.” One or more days prior to the recital, get dressed in the outfit you plan to wear and put on a “mock concert” for a small group of supportive individuals.

3. Prepare hands. Trim fingernails, keep hands warm with gloves (if necessary), and carry powder in case sweaty hands threaten to impact your performance.

4. Warm up. After arriving at the recital venue, run through a few scales or arpeggios to keep fingers nimble and flexible.

Find the Right Yamaha Piano for a Recital

Preparing mentally and physically for recitals helps students perform at their best, as does having a quality instrument on which to practice. Authorized Yamaha piano dealers in the Bay Area – such as Pianos Plus – can help you find the perfect piano to hone your technique. Stop by our piano showroom in Castro Valley or give us a call at 510-581-1660.