Great Tips for Practicing Piano

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Use these 6 Tips for Practicing Piano

Learning how to play a musical instrument is often one of life’s most memorable milestones. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the saying practice makes perfect still applies. Here are a few tips to help you become the next great Yamaha piano player.

1. Practice Every Day

Not only does practicing daily help, but doing so for at least 20-25 minutes is key. Here are some things your practice should include:

  • Listen to the song you are trying to learn – this helps train your brain for what the music sounds like.
  • Move your fingers on the desk as if you were practicing on the piano – this helps build muscle memory.
  • Play the actual piano – if you’re lucky enough to have a Yamaha piano at home, this makes it even easier! You can also check into Bay Area piano rentals if you prefer practicing on the real thing.

2. Warm Those Fingers Up

Before you begin, make sure you warm those fingers up. Move each finger around, twirl your wrists, or pretend to play the piano in the air. Just like cold fingers can’t type as fast and fluently, tight fingers that won’t flex fully won’t be able to reach all the keys or play as smoothly. And warming up will help you make fewer mistakes!

3. Break It Up

Your practice doesn’t have to be all in one session. A few minutes here and there that equals your 20-25 minutes of practice time is better than skipping practice altogether.

4. Vary the Material

If you feel the need to start at the beginning of every practice session, you won’t get very far into the material. You may learn the first part of a song well, but it won’t be very fun to show off your piano skills. Try starting in the middle or tackling a more difficult part of the music in your sessions.

5. Go Slow

Rushing takes the fun out of things, but it also takes the benefit away as well. Rushing through your practice can be worse than no practice at all. Your brain and fingers will pick up more when you take it slow and give them time to learn the piece.

6. Pick Music You Like

One of the best ways to ensure you will take practice seriously is to pick music you enjoy. Browse a bit before choosing and see what sounds fun to learn. Making it fun is a great way to make sure practicing your new instrument sticks.

Time to Get Your Practice On!

Goals and checkpoints can help push you to achieve greatness, and these tips are a great place to start for making your practice count.

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