Motivating Kids to Practice the Piano Over the Summer

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Learning to play the piano is a rewarding experience for many students, but not all children understand the importance of consistent and regular practice. Excitement over summer activities can steal your pupil’s motivation to practice and lead to arguments and bad feelings.

By using a few effective techniques, parents can help their children continue to build on the skills they have learned in their music lessons all season long. These methods include:

  1. Set goals. Whether it’s mastering a chord sequence or a set of scales, memorizing specific pieces, or completing a level of a lesson book, develop big, exciting objectives. Students should look forward to practicing to hit these goals. Make them challenging, but not overwhelming. Think “Goldilocks zone.”
  2. Set regular practice times. Rather than trusting that your child will “get around” to practicing, specify a practice time each day and stick to it, regardless of what else is going on. This structure will allow your child to schedule “fun stuff” in between sessions.
  3. Offer incentives. For each hour of piano practice, present pupils with “credits” towards other activities they enjoy, such as movies or amusement parks. However, don’t rely too much on incentives — playing for the love of music must be enough to sustain years of attention to the instrument.
  4. Continue lessons. Summer represents the perfect opportunity to place extra emphasis on their weekly lessons.
  5. Alternatively… DIScontinue lessons for the summer. We all need breaks to be at our best. If your child has been working hard all year, consider taking a break for a few weeks (or months) to refresh.

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