Tips for Memorizing Piano Music

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Bay Area Piano lessonsA true master pianist can sit down and effortlessly play complex pieces from memory. But learning to play the piano and learning to memorize piano music are two separate skills. Just like with any other musical skill, correct practice is key. Once you know how to memorize piano music, you can impress your friends and family, perform at concert recitals, and improvise expressively. Here are some tips to better memorization:

Go slowly. Work out only two or three bars at a time. If the piece is difficult, try just one or two bars. Try up to five bars at a time, if it’s easier. Rather than play pieces at tempo, you deliberately play slowly, so that you can master the technical aspects at a level of intense self-awareness. 

Divide and conquer. Play only your right hand while looking at the sheet music. After going through a piece three times without making any errors, play the right hand part three times correctly without the music. Do the same for the left hand.

Try both hands. After you have played the small set of bars correctly on each hand individually, do the same with both hands. First, do both parts while looking at the music, then without.

Track your results. Take pride in incremental improvements in your memorization skills. You won’t get there overnight, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto wasn’t composed in a day.

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