The Top Mistakes People Make when Buying a Piano

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Are You Looking at Yamaha Pianos?

The purchase of a piano can be a smart move! A Yamaha piano can bring the gift of music into a home, encourages everyone to gather to sing or play, and allows adults and kids to learn of how to play this beautiful instrument. With so many notes to choose from, a piano is downright versatile for performing any type of music. Plus, it can also be a great social tool, from bringing people together for a sing-along to two people sitting down together for a friendly duet.

Things to Consider

No matter how great everyone’s intentions are to encourage more music in a household, it does not always turn out as intended. It can go from a welcome fixture to a piece of furniture that’s easy to ignore and hard to remove.

So whether you’re looking at Weber pianos, Yamaha pianos, or other brands, it helps to know what you’re getting into. Make sure to avoid some of these common mistakes when considering your purchase.

  • Is everyone committed? If one person really wants a piano and the other isn’t sure, this can cause a problem as it is a big investment. It’s true that if a Yamaha piano is is actively used and enjoyed, other people may warm up to it, but it does help having buy-in right away from all the members in your household.
  • Is everyone ready for practicing? If someone is taking lessons, no matter the age, a big part of the process of learning an instrument is regular practice. Early lessons may also involve repetition of scales, which can be frustrating. Having a strong commitment to practicing regularly will help make your investment worthwhile in the long run.
  • Is everyone aware of maintenance needs? One important need is to have your piano regularly tuned which requires a professional coming over. Taking proper care of your piano will be sure it lasts a very long time.
  • Are you aware of other possible costs? Will you have to move in the future? Whether it’s across town or across the country, you will likely want to hire professional piano movers, which can be pricey depending on the distance of the move. You can always try and move it yourself, but that often leads to damaging your beautiful instrument which can also produce costly repairs. Be aware of these costs to be sure they are in your budget to properly protect your investment.
  • Do you have the right type of lessons? Quality of lessons range from “none” to premium instructors. There are many online videos and tutorials where you can try and teach yourself or you can hire yourself a piano teacher. There are many options out there for learning to play Yamaha pianos nowadays and finding the right one for you and committing to the lessons is important to getting the most out of your new piano.

Whether You are Looking at Yamaha or Weber Pianos, We Can Help!

If you are considering a piano purchase, we would love to support you in choosing the right piano for your home. For more information about lessons, costs or even renting a piano to test it out, please contact us at Pianos Plus.