How Often Should My Piano be Tuned?

Yamaha Piano Care

Yamaha piano storesOwning a piano is an investment that can pay you back hugely in terms of enjoyment and relaxation. Like any investment, however, your piano needs attention and care. You need to maintain the instrument’s value and protect it from mechanical wear and tear.

Whether you own a new or used piano, keep it in top shape with regular tunings to ensure every note is crisp, clear and on target. In addition to helping your piano produce beautiful music, regular piano tuning also plays a critical role in preventing damage and preserving your investment.

While the number of tunings can vary by manufacturer, most experts agree that you need four tunings during the first year to allow the piano to adjust to its new environment. After that first year, most manufacturers — including Yamaha piano — recommend at least twice-yearly tunings. Opt for more tunings, if the piano gets regular heavy use. All manufacturers recommend tunings be performed by a trained professional to avoid damage to the instrument; piano tuning is no job for a DIYer.

If all that tuning sounds like too much work, consider a digital piano. Since digitals don’t use actual strings, they never need tuning.

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