Best Piano Tuning Practices

Best Piano Tuning Practices

Perhaps you have “perfect pitch” and you relish the challenge of tuning your own piano to make sure it sounds “just right” for a recording session or concert performance. Or maybe you have just simply noticed that your old baby grand is not sounding quite right when your daughter plays her scales, and you crave a solution that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Piano tuning best practices depend on the kind of piano you own, the quality of sound and intonation you expect from the instrument, the amount of use and abuse you subject the piano to, the quality and craftsmanship of the instrument, environmental factors that impact the sound, and how often you tune and retune.

Some do-it-yourself piano tuners can get the job done using electronic tuners, tuning levers, and mutes. One expert at suggests a three step process:

1. “Tune a single string from a single note in the middle octave.”

2. “Match the remaining strings and the note to the one first tuned.”

3. “Tune remaining notes by octaves.”

You can follow that link to read more about what this simple online guide suggests. It’s not the only guide out there. If you’re really diligent and excited about learning piano tuning, you can enroll in the American School of Piano Tuning. Find out more about them at The school claims to have trained piano tuners since 1958, and it offers a course that costs $1,290 (as of September 2011).

No doubt you can find other powerful resources on the web and elsewhere to help you understand the tools, supplies, and practices and procedures to keep your piano sounding perfect. But for most piano owners, teachers, and even instrument enthusiasts, the whole do-it-yourself route is impractical, expensive and time consuming.

So What Are Some Alternatives?

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