Buying a New or Used Piano in the Bay Area

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Bay Area Yamaha Pianos Dealer Shares Buying Tips

Plan on bringing a new or used piano home? Buyers have a lot of options that make buying a piano more practical than ever before.

Be sensible when buying a new or used piano in the Bay Area:

Know What You Want

What kind of piano are you looking for? An upright piano is a great beginner piano that fits in homes or apartments with ease. If space is an issue, an electric piano replicates the sound and keys of a piano but via technology in a space-saving way. If you perform publicly or are a professional, a Grand piano is the type found in concerts and theaters widely.

Have It Examined

Unless you are buying from authorized Weber piano dealers and Yamaha piano dealers in the Bay Area, always make sure that you have a piano evaluated and examined by a piano technician. These experts will inspect the piano, much like your mechanic will inspect a car. Don’t buy online or sight-unseen particularly if buying a used piano. Make sure that you know the return policy before handing over your money.

Avoid Private Sales

It is simply safer and less stressful to buy from a piano retailer rather than a private party. This certainly rings true when buying used pianos. It is not uncommon to find that these instruments have been poorly cared for or not maintained properly. It is also possible to fall prey to sketchy sellers and end up issues such as pianos that are stressed and falling apart or full of hazardous mold. t apart from stress. Do yourself a favor and buy from authorized weber piano dealers, when searching for Bay Area Yamaha Pianos.

Buy What You Like

You are the one that will be playing it, so buy the piano that you like, whether that is a slim electric piano or a vintage baby Grand. If you glean joy from the piano that you buy, you will be compelled to practice and play more.

Keyboards Are Not the Same

For the record, a keyboard is not the same as a piano. A keyboard is a good way for piano students that don’t have access to a piano to practice and play. Plus, they cost a lot less than an actual piano.

You also have the option of renting a piano; talk to your Bay Area Yamaha Piano dealer or seller to learn more. This is an inexpensive way to try a piano in the home without the commitment of making the purchase just yet. Check out Bay Area digital piano rentals to find out more.

Our Expert Bay Area Piano Dealers Help You Select a Great New Piano

Thinking about getting a piano? You have plenty of options; talk to a piano dealer or retailer in the Bay Area before you buy a piano that has not been inspected. This is a purchase that should be done thoughtfully and with some research first.