Great Students Get the Most From Bay Area Piano Lessons

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Be a Great Student and Bay Area Piano Lessons Will Be More Productive

When it comes to maximizing the benefit of Bay Area piano lessons, it seems that some people possess more of a natural personality towards learning than others. It has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with the piano student’s habits and personal attributes. We explore some of these characteristics below.

Deferral to the Expertise of the Piano Teacher

The most successful students suspend judgment about the piano teacher assigned to them. Instead, they automatically defer and show respect to that person because he or she has more experience playing the piano than the student does. When teachers constantly have to prove themselves to students, it takes time away from mastering the art of playing the piano. The most successful students also take the advice of their instructors to heart and practice what they have learned at home.

Patience and Perseverance

Learning to play the piano is not a skill that will happen overnight or even within several months. The most successful piano students understand this before they sign up for their first lesson. These students are patient with both themselves and the instructor. After all, playing the piano means mastering many skills such as pitch identification and eye-hand coordination.

While it can be frustrating to make mistakes, giving up too soon or too easily won’t get the student anywhere. They must commit themselves to sticking with the piano lessons no matter how long it takes to become proficient. Both parents and students should keep in mind that it can take up to eight years to become a truly proficient piano player.

Enthusiasm and a Positive Outlook

If students see piano lessons as drudgery, that is what they will become to them. The best students look forward to learning a new skill and feel excited to begin each new lesson. They understand that their new knowledge builds on previous knowledge, so they always pay attention to the instructor to ensure that they won’t miss anything.

Willingness to Practice

Perhaps the most important character trait that any piano student can have is the willingness to practice often at home. Just showing up at piano lessons for an hour or two each week isn’t going to help students retain anything they learned. They must devote several hours each week to practicing their new skills before they can hope to reinforce them. Whether your student uses pianos East Bay to practice or practices at home doesn’t matter as much as the fact that he or she is willing to put in the time to practice.

Take Lessons from Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers

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