Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Used Piano

Keyboard of piano

What To Look For When Purchasing A Used Piano

The piano is one of the most popular and famous musical instruments across the globe. It has been played by some of the famous musicians, but is also one of the starter instruments that most newbies both young and old learn music on. The piano is a complex and large instrument that is often accompanied by a hefty price tag. This is why the market for a used piano is generally larger than for brand new ones. Although they may not be in their best condition, there are some benefits why you should consider buying a used piano. Here are some of the top pros and cons of purchasing a used piano.


Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a used piano instead of buying a new one is that used pianos cost less. You can buy a used piano through referrals from a friend or family member, or you can buy one from a piano store.

The Quality of a Used Piano Ages Well

A well-kept used piano has an aged sound. This is due to the timber which creates a mature and unique sound as it ages gracefully. Be sure to schedule regular tune-ups to help maintain its quality.

Some Used Pianos Can Be Rebuilt

While rebuilding a used piano may prove costly, a piano can be technologically advanced if it is rebuilt.

Used Piano Don’t Depreciate in Value

Used pianos don’t depreciate just like new pianos do. If one was to buy a new piano and then sell it at a later date, the chances are high that the piano will have depreciated. By buying a used piano, there is no such risk.


No Warranty

In most cases, used pianos do not include a warranty. This means that you will not have that peace of mind knowing that you are covered just in case something happens to the instrument.


Used Piano May Not Be Properly Tuned

Tuning up a used piano may be difficult. If not properly tuned, a beginner may find it difficult to get past the initial stages. Most piano stores will offer a tuning and/or a transportation service.

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