Beware of Bay Area University Piano Sales!

Beware! It’s that time again!!! Spoiler Alert!

yamaha pianoOnce again, it’s that time of year you will be receiving that very special letter from that very special university reminding you of that very special piano sale offering you special pricing of new and used Yamaha pianos.

Beware of the hype, beware of the misleading low prices. The high cost involved in transporting these pianos from the university to the retail location and preparation for showing is very expensive, the mailer and outside advertising of this event, not to mention high commissions for maintaining these ‘special prices’ far exceeds the promise of low price.

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Do NOT be fooled!

For honest low prices on new Yamaha pianos, hybrids, Disklaviers and Clavinovas visit authorized Yamaha piano stores like Pianos Plus. Call us today at 510-581-1660.