What is a Piano Sale?

Bay Area Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers Explain ‘Piano Sales’

Yamaha piano storesWhen you hear or see ‘Piano Sale’ does this mean that the only time to get the best price on a piano would be when this sale is in progress?

Not really!

Think about this — Piano sale events cost piano dealers tremendous amounts of money in promotional costs, these costs are passed on to you, the consumer. These ‘fantastic deals’ offered for a short time have advertising cost attached to the price. Isn’t this common sense? In today’s retail marketing, there’s always the consumer looking for a reason to buy, this reason to buy is achieved through deceptive sales strategies designed to create a buying frenzy. These buying frenzies are with the promise of special short time prices never to be seen again.

High Pressure Sales!

At Pianos Plus, we do not use high pressure tactics or sales strategies forcing you buy now on command. We offer lowest prices every day, on every piano and always with a guarantee that our selling price on new Yamaha pianos will be lower than any competitor’s pricing during one of their highly publicized (and costly) piano sale events.

Don’t fall prey to aggressive piano marketing strategies.

Remember, if you are ready to sign for that new Yamaha piano and you are not at Pianos Plus, you are paying too much!

“At Pianos Plus we pass our savings on to you, not our costs!”
Drive a little – Save a lot