Yamaha Transacoustic Technology

Yamaha Transacoustic Piano Technology – Yamaha digital pianos were never more natural.

Many pianists love the authentic timbre of an acoustical piano but play electronic keyboards to be able to add other instrumental sounds to their pieces.

yamaha piano technology

Yamaha’s Transacoustic Technology offers the best of both worlds: gorgeous, authentic acoustics combined with lots of digital tools and toys to alter and play with the sounds you produce. This system creates an appealing, synthesized experience, which includes:

  • A Real Acoustic Piano. The foundation of the system is a real hammer and string Yamaha piano.
  • Volume Control. This feature allows you to hear the digital sound of your playing at any volume you choose.
  • Sound Choices. With 19 pre-installed sounds, including the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, electric pianos, organs, strings and more, you can deepen your playing experience. Add additional sounds to sweeten the experience and play back your music through the entire system, not just through speakers.
  • No External Speakers. The piano’s soundboard serves as the speakers, so nothing else is needed.
  • 3D Sound Projection. Speakers create directional sound. Since the piano itself is the “speaker,” the sound resonates in all directions, creating a natural, omni-directional sound.
  • Combined Acoustic and Digital Sound. The digital sound choices are played on an acoustic instrument, creating an exceptional and unusual result that can’t be matched by any keyboard.
  • Play-Along Music. Play along with several pre-record tracks of music to understand the possibilities afforded by this system and to experiment and have fun.

Transacoustic Technology will change how you think about acoustic pianos.

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