Yamaha Improves on on Upright Pianos with Silent Piano Technology

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Yamaha Pianos Improve!

In January 2020, Yamaha Pianos announced it would make significant improvements to its P22 model favored by music teachers and directors. Already known for performing well in settings varying from churches to schools to band rooms, the company incorporated feedback it had heard from these customers for years regarding how to make it easier to play a P22 Yamaha piano.

Changes Music Customers Should Expect Soon

One of the first things people will notice about the P22 model is that sheet music will stay on the piano better thanks to a redesign of the rack area to make it wider. When these pianos in the East Bay become available, musicians and students will notice the groove running across the bottom of the fallboard and 75-degree angle that forces sheet music to stay put.

Another change to the fallboard is that it will be much more difficult for players to accidentally drop it because of a new mechanism that only allows for a soft close. The fallboard of the P22 model will automatically go into this position even if someone should deliberately attempt to slam it shut.

Perhaps most exciting about the new version of this Yamaha piano is its SILENT Piano Technology. This registered trademark describes the piano’s ability to stop just short of its hammers striking the strings without having any impact on the feel of the keyboard. SILENT Piano Technology is especially useful in band rooms and other places where many pianists practice at the same time. It allows them to get their finger motions just right without disturbing other musicians also attempting to practice.

Musicians who want to determine any mistakes they made during the practice session can listen to a recording made on the underside of the Yamaha piano later. Players can even insert a USB thumb drive to compare practice sessions on their own computer and track improvement.

We Are Bay Area Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers

Pianos Plus is proud of our status as on of California’s authorized Yamaha pianos dealers. That means we will have the new and improved P22 model available soon. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with specific questions or to inquire about our financing options.