Top 6 Music Apps for Yamaha Piano Players

Here are 6 very cool new Yamaha apps to enhance your performances and practices; improve your recording chops; and help you tap into the diverse and dynamic features of your digital piano.

Yamaha Piano App

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1. Song Chords

This tool displays synchronized chords with a MIDI song mixer. If you’re often called upon to play improvisationally, you don’t have to go on an annoying hunt for sheet music or try to wing it: the chords are all right there!

2. Piano Diary

This free app allows you to record, store, and share your practice. This is terrific, for instance, if your piano teacher is located remotely, and you want to share your daily sessions with him or her. With the single free app, you can save a lot of driving time!

3. MusicSoft Manager

This app links up your Yamaha digital piano with an iPad, iPhone, etc. to restore musical data to the instrument. In some way, it’s equivalent to the hard drive that you use (or should use!) to back up your computer data. A great tool for composition students, recording artists, and others who need to archive musical data.

4. EZ-220 Page Turner

This app flips pages of your music (virtually, of course), so you can pay more attention to the performance and less to the logistics of tracking the score.

5. Cloud Audio Recorder

This app lets you record diverse instrumental sounds to your Apple devices through their built-in microphones and then save/share data via the cloud. It’s a great tool, whether you’re jamming with friends — and you want to bookmark some really cool stuff — or experimenting with using ambient sounds from the city to create compositional motifs.

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