The New Yamaha CX Series Pianos

Gorgeous Resonance, Cutting Edge Piano Engineering

Whether you’re an orchestral pianist shopping for a new piano; or a serious student who wants a more responsive, emotionally vibrant instrument to convey the depth of your passion for dynamic Rachmaninoff concertos and Chopin etudes, put Yamaha’s CX series pianos on your short list.

The CX series has won praise from diverse industry analysts. Here’s what people are buzzing about:

20% thicker back frames for more resonant, rich tonality.

To really get the “forte” out of a pianoforte, you need not only to exert power on the keys but also to translate that power-playing into dynamic tonal expression. The C3X piano – one of the crown jewels of the CX series – has a much thicker back frame, which helps to translate fortissimo playing into more resonant and strong sounds.

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Deftly re-engineered sound boards.

When your practiced touch vibrates the strings of the piano, those vibrations must be transmitted through the air to carry melodies to the ears of listeners – or to the receiving end of recording devices. The sound board mediates between the vibrating strings and the air, so it’s an incredibly important — and often under-looked — component in piano engineering. Yamaha designers have leveraged both precision engineering and decades of real-world experience to produce a sound board that truly captures and transmits your emotion playing.

Other advances in CX series: changes to frame, musical wire, hammers, voicing, and regulation all add subtle but real value to the playing and listening experience.

A great piano is more than the sum of its parts, but the individual parts definitely matter!

The Yamaha engineers who designed, tested, and crafted the CX series did so by attending to minute details. They vacuum processed the casting of the strings, employed new dynamic music wire; and adjusted the hammers, regulation, voicing, and other aspects of the instrument to maximize precision, responsiveness, and tonality.

If you’d like to learn more about what the CX series has to offer — or if you want more general help exploring pianos and finding the best instrument for your needs, budget, and style — connect with the team here at Pianos Plus today for knowledgeable, enthusiastic assistance.

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