Yamaha Clavinova CSP Digital Pianos ‘Gamify’ Learning

Digital yamaha pianoYamaha’s new Clavinova CSP Digital Piano is something that’s never been seen before! It is the world’s first piano that is able to scan a user’s music library on a smart tablet and transfer those notes and chords to the piano in the form of lights. Even if you have never played the piano before, owners of this Clavinova will now be able to follow the stream of lights and play the tune to their favorite songs!

The Clavinova CSP series ultimately gamifies piano playing as it provides users with a very interactive experience; that is much more intriguing than practicing scales and traditional site reading. As users become more skilled, they are able to select more difficult modes that allow them to “level up” like in a video game.

How Does Yamaha’s Clavinova CSP Piano Work?

Unlike other pianos, the CSP is the first Clavinova model that uses a tablet device to access most of its features. The app is called Smart Pianist which makes this interactive experience possible. When you select a song on the tablet, 4 Stream Lights appear above each key in a descending format. The user will only play the key when the light closest to the key lights up. This system allows the player to be able to anticipate and plan ahead for each note.

“For the first time, music lovers who were previously content with passively listening to their favorite songs can now play the music of their lives, and jam along with their favorite artists, providing inspiring accompaniment the first time they sit down at the CSP,” says Dane Madsen, marketing manager for digital pianos at Yamaha. “Music lovers who have always wanted to learn to play the piano can now fulfill what for many is a lifelong dream.”

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