Yamaha B1 Acoustic Upright: A Gorgeous Instrument That’s Surprisingly Affordable

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For over 40 years, the team here at Pianos Plus has obsessively tested and reviewed Yamaha’s pianos. The B1 Acoustic Upright is one of Yamaha’s most affordable acoustics, designed with impeccable craftsmanship (of course) for smooth performance and great aesthetics. According to the company’s website, the B1 is the piano equivalent of a European compact car — much like the Mini Cooper or the Fiat.

Yamaha B1 Acoustic UprightHigh grade sound hammers and a well engineered soundboard provide a deep richness that you might not expect from a slim 43-inch piano. Whether you give piano lessons to Bay Area students, or you want a simple instrument to practice basic techniques, this piano offers a very clear tone and a highly responsive keyboard. The reinforced soundboard crown keeps tone quality consistent and minimizes cracking.

The B1 also features a special extruded aluminum alloy action rail – patented by Yamaha – to ensure stable action regulation and long-term user satisfaction. Another great feature of the B1 is the so-called Uniform Key Travel. This means that Yamaha keyboards feel and sound basically identical from model-to-model. When you visit our Bay Area piano showroom, you can see for yourself how similar different Yamaha piano models sound to one another. It’s pretty amazing.

Yamaha is thrilled about the positive reviews for the B series, and the company plans to roll out two more products in this line — the B2 and B3 — this winter at an Anaheim trade show.

Whether you’re searching for a beautiful new B1, and you want to take it for a proverbial test drive; or you’re earlier in the piano shopping process, and you’re still comparing models, connect with us at Pianos Plus for insightful, thorough help with your choice.

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