Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X Boasts the Best of Digital and Acoustic Piano

Yamaha-AvantGrand-NU1XYamaha announced their latest piano in their series of AvantGrand pianos known as the NU1X. The NU1X is the successor to its very successful NU1 upright hybrid piano. The company has made some major updates to the AvantGrand NU1X as described in June 2013 by keyboard magazine. Some of the updates include the new gold standard that is in a self-contained but compact acoustic piano replacement. This feature elevates the piano playing experience to a level of quality that is unmatched in an instrument of this form.

The Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X Upgrades

Just like its predecessor NU1, AvantGrand NU1X is built upon the legacy of one of the most used pianos in the world, the U1. As a matter of fact, Yamaha produced more U1 units more than any other piano in the series. Yamaha NUIX joins the growing family of Yamaha musical instruments that bare the name AvantGrand. AvantGrand is the name used by the company to signify the line of their hybrid pianos that combines the maintenance-free operation and the tuning stability of a digital piano with the realism and musicality of an acoustic grand piano.

Among the many upgrades in the NU1X model is the sound. The NU1X features sound that has been carefully sampled among some of the finest instruments Yamaha has ever made- the Bösendorfer Imperial and the CFX full concert grand piano. To complement its full-bodied bass and sparkling highs, the NU1X uses the latest acoustic technology that has been recently developed by Yamaha to reproduce the resonant characteristics of an acoustic piano. It’s easy to switch between the warmth of the imperial and the bold palette of the CFX.

The NU1X delivers a great sound with a real acoustic upright hammer action that when compared to NU1 or any other digital piano available in the market today, is far more grand-like in its response. Yamaha also improved the dynamic sensitivity in response to softly played passages. The smoothness of the key return for fast or repeating trills also runs in this brand. NU1X features continuous grayscale sensor technology that carefully studies the interaction that exists between the physical action and the optical key sensors. This technology has allowed Yamaha to do away with the “flat spots” in the total dynamic range that have always been a limitation to upright pianos. On top of this, there is more “information” and thus more resolution in the sound. This is especially apparent when playing at very low velocities.

Additionally, the NU1X features the Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM) that reproduces the resonance inherent in the body of a grand piano. It calculates the various states of the strings for all the 88 notes from one instant to the other for sound development and rich expression.

Other Key Features of The New NU1X Include:

  • MIDI and audio recording
  • Binaural CFX grand piano sound vibrant that is optimized for playing the piano via the headphones
  • Built-in metronome
  • Additional voices in common with Clavinova CLP-685

The AvantGrand NU1X is meant for urban dwellers, students, educators and families who have a limited space and would love to fit a non-compromise experience at a surprisingly pocket-friendly price. With this latest brand taking its place alongside its larger N3X, N2, and N1 siblings, anyone who longs for such an amazing experience can now afford the prestige and playability of a genuine AvantGrand.


The NU1X will be available at all authorized Yamaha dealers, October 2017.

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