The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700 Series Review

Only Yamaha is known for its excellence when it comes to offering pianos for musicians at every level.

To that end, the Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series is not an exception. Notably, this is a great piano since it offers you the best natural keyboard action and an authentic piano sound. Besides, the Clavinova cvp-700 series will also grant you a variety of advanced features for composing and performing.Yamaha Clavinova Piano Review

Such features include recording and the dynamic accompaniment. Therefore, the Clavinova cvp-700 series will allow you to experience a piano that is purely digital with a real grand heart.

The solid, high-quality new lineup consists of the CVP-709GP, CVP-709, CVP-705, and the CVP-701. Each of these models comprises the Real Grand Expression sound engine of Yamaha, which will allow you to harmonize the three core elements of pedals, touch, and sound. Hence, using it will allow you to produce the immersive and definitive experience of playing a real grand piano.

Interestingly, the Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series comprises the CVP Clavinovas and an extensive assortment of interactive musical features that will make you the conductor of your virtual band or orchestra. Hence, with this instrument, you will find practicing piano to be much more fun.

Ideally, as a musician, you should consider buying the Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series for the reason that it is the best sounding and the most versatile digital piano to date.

It is a Yamaha piano that will offer you an exceptional dynamics, a subtle and rich sound from the gentle pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo.


Additionally, the models range from 10 voices, which you can choose from. They include the organ and harpsichord to hundreds of MIDI instruments and many consists of built-in karaoke, large full-color display screen, and even effects. Moreover, the Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series will also give you the Internet Direct Connection (IDC) functions that will enable you to extend the pleasure of your music.

Furthermore, you should also consider purchasing the Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series because, for the first time, this instrument features the sampled sounds of two top-notch performance grand pianos – the Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX. Therefore, this device further redefines the dynamic range and expressive capabilities for the modern digital piano.

Even if you are a master or a beginner the Clavinova cvp-700 series Follow Lights and unique guide system will let you tag on to the lights above the keys so as to learn a song. You can also outlook the notated music to the song right on the screen of your instrument.

The Yamaha Clavinova cvp-700 series stands alone in the music experience it puts forward.

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