The Yamaha C2X Chrome Grand Piano

The Harmony of Style and Sound: The Yamaha C2X Chrome

Yamaha understands that preserving tradition doesn’t mean stagnation. This iconic piano manufacturer recognizes that its reputation is based on designing exceptional instruments that innovate and define the industry. They have achieved this goal with the Yamaha C2X Chrome Grand Piano.


This special addition to the Yamaha CX Series, the C2X Chrome features a bold design that includes a beautifully lacquered interior and chrome colored frame and hardware. It is the perfect combination of modern aesthetics and performance.

The C2X includes all the features one expects of the CX series, including:

  • Revolutionary music wire that produces a rich, complex sound.
  • Thickened back frame that improves support during vigorous play and provides a rich, resonant tone.
  • New sound board, made possible only through the expertise of Yamaha designers, which vibrates easily and translates the musician’s emotions into music.
  • Newly designed hammers, based on the CFX Series, which provide a clear range of tonal colors and an expressive sound.
  • Exceptional voicing that allows the pianists intentions be conveyed through the strings.
  • Revamped design that focuses on functionality to afford the pianist the ability to become one with their instrument.
  • The Yamaha C2X Chrome Grand Piano is an excellent choice for pianists who want their instrument to be unique and exceptional.

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