Piano Playing Tips for All Skill Levels

piano lessons, piano playing tips, piano skills, bay areaThe piano is with no doubt one of the most interesting instruments to play in the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular instruments that a majority of people would love to learn. For sure, you would love to play your favorite song on the instrument, or you would love to play as your favorite pianist as well. Whatever your motivation in learning the instrument is, here are a few piano playing tips for people of all skill levels.

5 tips to improve you piano skills

  1. Memory

Try and memorize all the major melodic, harmonic and chromatic scales. Master the scales and practice them. If you are playing a specific type of style such as jazz, blues or others, learn the scales of that style. The best way for you to memorize is to play that specific piece you are trying to learn as the last thing you do before you go to bed. According to research, events that you do later in the day tend to stick in the memory for a longer time compared to the one you do during the morning hours.

  1. Fluidity

Try and improve your musical aptitude by listening to musical pieces and then try to infer their notes. This method is commonly known as playing by ear or musical ear. Start with slow and simple songs before moving to quicker ones. Go step by step, and within no time you will be an expert.

  1. Relaxation

Before you start playing the piano, first learn some finger stretching exercises. Make it a priority to practice these exercises as frequently as possible. While playing the piano, touch the keyboards in a very light and gentle manner. If your fingers are rigid and stiff, it will be quite a challenge for you to learn the proper notes. Always try to relax your fingers while playing the piano.

  1. Enjoyment

First practice on your favorite songs or pieces. No need to burden yourself by playing an unfamiliar song and at the same time trying to learn the right keys. There are a lot of free sheets you can obtain online and from other sources but first, start with the ones you love.

  1. Rhythm

The secret behind becoming a pro in playing the piano is learning how to keep the rhythm going. You can start bit by bit by first playing a section of the song and improving from there. Try and play all the notes in the sheet so that you can keep the rhythm going.

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