The Keys to Piano Longevity

piano lifespan, piano tips, piano longevity, piano lessons, piano dealer, yamaha pianosCleaning, tuning, and properly maintaining your piano can increase its lifespan significantly. In most cases, the secret to achieving maximum success lies in applying the right kind of cleaning techniques. In addition, having a well-maintained piano will also allow you to play finer tunes.

How to maximize the lifespan of your Yamaha piano

How to effectively clean piano keys
With time, piano keys tend to solidify. Skin oils and sweaty hands, coupled with dust and dirt bind to the keys, make frequently played notes particularly vulnerable. Such a scenario can lead also to its polished surfaces wearing out, making it easier for dirt to enter their pores. Even though there is no sure way to completely avoid lackluster keys, simple practices such as washing your hands before playing can go a long way.

In addition to keeping your hands clean, there are also other simpler, but very effective tricks that can be used to restore your piano keys’ glow. Some of these include:

  • Avoiding store-bought furniture polish or cleaning chemicals. Such items are too abrasive and may result in grainy textures becoming discolored. The best thing you can do is dilute mild soap with filtered water, using this substance for cleaning.
  • Ensuring that you clean by always using a soft cloth such as a flannel, chamois, or cheesecloth. Avoid paper towels at any cost.
  • Cleaning cloths should also be only slightly dampened, and the keys should be wiped in a motion towards you. If you go side-to-side, moisture can accumulate in between the keys, leading to damage.
  • Making sure that you clean one octave at a time, proceeding to dry immediately before proceeding onto the next octave.
  • Also, keeping away from colored cloths that may bleed when moistened. This is because colors can easily transfer onto white keys, leading to a discoloration that might be difficult to remedy.
  • Using separate cloths on the piano’s black keys, or rather, waiting to clean them last. This will prevent any unseen dirt or paint from being transferred onto the ivories.

Piano tuning

  • Regular piano tuning can also prevent damage. Correct and constant string tension plays a vital role in the health of a wide range of delicate piano parts, which would otherwise be rather expensive to replace.
  • If it has been more than two years since your piano was last tuned, seeking professional help is recommended.

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